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Grover has written or performed in works featured at (Le) Poisson Rouge, The Tank, Dixon Place, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The PIT, The Brick Theater, Kimball Studios, Manhattan Repertory Theater, The Reckless Theatre, and more.


We Left Our Love In Dallas


The Tank
January 16, 2019

WE LEFT OUR LOVE IN DALLAS is a Western-Romance play set in New York City. Barnaby, a proud Texan and last child of the Lone Star State, is the muse of world renowned pastel artist Gerard. Barnaby enjoys their exclusive status as the gallery's sole artistic subject until one day they discover the visage of an imposter adorning its hallowed walls. Enter Lusitania, a dashing French expatriate with a love for New York and what seems to be an even deeper love for Gerard. Assisted by the otherworldly guidance of Big Tex (a 55-foot tall statue overlooking the State Fair of Texas), Barnaby quests to win back Gerards love and fend off this mysterious newcomer, one whose intentions may be more nefarious than they appear.

Directed by Stephanie Wurster

Pop Punk High

Pop Punk Principle/Richard (previous production)

(Le) Poisson Rouge
September, 2018 - October, 2018

The Parkside Lounge
October, 2017 - February, 2018

The PIT Loft
March-May, 2017

In a world where it’s perennially 2006, in a high school where everyone is pop punk, Derek’s life sucks. He sucks at skating, he doesn’t even own a guitar, and the hottest girl in school doesn’t even know he’s alive. But when he finds a magical lamp in his attic with the ghost of Avril Lavigne inside (her death was covered up by record company executives who made a Japanese teenager get extensive plastic surgery to take over her image), it looks like Derek just might get to fulfill his three biggest dreams.

"Set in 2003, the show follows the life of Derek, a teenager who just wants to shred on his board, date the hottest girl in school, win the battle of the bands and escape the overbearing nature of his mom and stepdad, Richard (played by Jacob Grover, who arguably steals the entire show)." -Natasha Van Duser, Alternative Press

"For a show about teenagers, there is a lot of talent packed into the parents.  Derek’s step-father (Jacob Grover) is the best actor in the bunch — his rage-fueled meltdown about whether he has to sing (he doesn’t) is highly reminiscent of a young Nicholas Cage." -Cameron Page, New York Theatre Review

Written by Anderson Cook & Ben Lapidus
Directed by Turner Barrett Law (The Pit Loft)/Felicia Lobo (The Parkside Lounge)

PopPunkHigh-TT Treatment (1).jpg

Photo: Luke Strickler

Photo: Luke Strickler


Hook Line Sinker


Dixon Place
February, 2018

Employees of a clickbait website attempt to generate viral content, until the flexible morality of the internet becomes too much for some to bear.

Directed By Stephanie Wurster

Demonstration of a Drunk Driving Accident


Alchemical Theater Lab
September, 2017

A group of high school seniors attempt to stage a mock car crash to spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving in anticipation of their prom.

"remarkably assured" -Scott Stiffler, Chelsea Now

Directed by Joel Kirk

Photo: Greg Howard

Photo: Greg Howard


Tim Kaine Sits In Front of a Mirror and Studies His Face

Tim Kaine

The Brick Theater
June, 2017

Dixon Place
January, 2017

Tim Kaine learns that Hillary has come down with pneumonia, and things are about to change.

Written by Jordan Barsky
Directed by Joel Kirk (The Brick Theater)/Lillian Meredith (Dixon Place)

Blatantly Blaine

Dan Theman


When a washed-up reality TV producer is fresh out of ideas to get back in the game, he decides to reunite the horrible reality TV family that originally brought him fame, and to extract the secret that split them all apart years ago. He decides to get them to confess the only way he knows how: under duress. After reuniting the family for what they think is a one-night special, the producer stages an attack on Beverly Hills, by the world’s most notorious death cult – ISIS! Drug addiction, questionable sexual choices, and general debauchery ensue with a family whose names could all start with K – but they start with B.

Written By Anderson Cook & Amanda D'Archangelis
Directed by Joel Kirk



The Disembodied Hand That Fisted Everyone to Death - The Musical


The PIT/The Reckless Theatre
October 2015-July 2016

The year is 1953. When a scientist with an inferiority complex to Jonas Salk (curer of polio, savior of mankind) decides to reanimate a disembodied hand to prove his worth, he doesn't consider that it might go on a fisting spree at the local fraternity house. Along the way, we learn lessons about love, acceptance, friendship, and most importantly, fisting. (Run Time: 35 minutes).

Written by Anderson Cook & Amanda D'Archangelis
Directed by Anderson Cook (The PIT) / Stephanie Wurster (The Reckless Theatre)


Other Writing

Misstep (Reading)
NYU Tisch
Directed by Tom Costello

High-Beam Daylight (Reading)
Kimball Studios
Actually Happening One-Act Festival

Directed by Joel Kirk


Other Acting

The State of Heaven v. David G. Babcock
St. Peter
Written by Julian Rosenthal-Erickson
Directed by Stephanie Wurster

Customer Service
Sam/Man/Teen Boy 
Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Written by Mary Elizabeth
Directed by Joel Kirk